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to a dream no one else can see

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Birthdate:Jan 1
Website:In the Company of Shadows
For love, admiration and happiness:


For amusement:

"Don't tickle my sadistic heart <3"
-Satou from Aitsuno Daihonmei by TANAKA Suzuki

For everything else:
Hey, my name is Ais. That's pronounced like 'ace' but apparently people call me 'ice' and other pronunciations too. I say, go for it Domon W! Pronounce it however you like!

It's possible you know me because I co-write In the Company of Shadows (ICoS) with cancelsonny.

Feel free to friend me if you'd like. I may or may not friend you in return-- if I don't, it's nothing personal. I periodically try to keep down on my friends list. It's my loss, not yours :) However, I try to keep anything related to ICoS public so you don't miss out.

Pertinent info: I'm vegetarian, into other women and yaoi/BL/original slash, and have a fairly liberal point of view. Fair warning in case any of these things bother you.

PS: I'm completely in love with One Piece and may attempt to convert my friends list now and then.
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